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the NTFS file system does not have enough free space to shrink the disk to the size entered


I have a iscsi lun mapped to a windows vm. when i tried to shrink that lun It says

the NTFS file system does not have enough free space to shrink the disk to the size entered. Enter a valid disk drive size

the drive is empty and nothing on it.



What is "It"?  Please be specific.


its empty


What software and command is giving you the error message?

Answering "its empty" to the question "What is 'It' [sic]?" is just not helpful.


snapdrive for windows


If you previously had data on the LUN, then you will need to use space reclamation before you can resize the lun, I believe. I believe there is also a limit to how far (in percent, iirc) you can reduce a filesystem with snapdrive as well and only on win2008, iirc.  I'm no wizard on the windows add-on software, so perhaps you will get a better answer soon.  At least everyone has a better idea of what you are actually having problems with.  Always be as specific as possible with your questions and answers.


wow, i resized it from command line

lun resize /vol/iscsi/iscsi_qtr/iscsi_vol0 -4g

it did resize it


when i went to the windows vm on snapdrive and rescanned it did show the drive as resized.

but in my computer is still shoed the old size.

So I went into windows disk management and rescanned. and it showed the new size.


it lost the drive letter and now the disk is showing as RAW not NTFS. so i guess this method of shrinking a lun makes you lose your drive and data?


there is a iscsi volume for 10gb

iscsi lun of 8gb created from this

i mapped this to a windows vm and installed snapdrive on it.

I see 7.9 gb volume in snapdrive. But I cannot shrink it




i am having this problem , i was hoping to remove 500GB from an iscsi attached LUN


current size is 1.8TB and tried to resize to 1.3 before getting the error


i cannot afford to loose and data during the process


i am using snap drive to do this


any pointers please