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vfiler only access for Ops Mgr


I have a scenario where we are using vfilers on separate VLAN segments.  None of the segments have access to the main FAS controller.  Our goal is to use Snapdrive with RBAC so we setup an Ops Mgr server on one of the vlan segments.

The client system has access to the vfiler and the Ops Mgr system.  Plus basic snapdrive works with the vfiler.   But Ops Mgr can not register the vfiler as a host unless it has access to the FAS controller.

Is there anyway to make this work?    



No, I don't think this will work. The OpsMgr server depends on being able to contact the physical filer and will not operate properly if it only has access to a vfiler unit address. You will need to put the OpsMgr server on a VLAN with access to the physical system and create a tunnel from the vfiler VLANs to the management VLAN.