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vmdk files on nfs datastore not appearing in snapdrive


I am having issues vmdk files on nfs datastores appearing on snapdrive on a vmware virtual machine.  I am using the following:


netapp cdot 8.3

vmware vsphere 5.5

netapp VSC 6.2

snapdrive 7.1

windows 2008 R2


I installed vsc plugin on vmware vsphere virtual centre, added the storage system.  Installed snapdrive, and added the VSC part of the installation.  Also configured https in snapdrive as transport protocol, and give an account which has full control permissions on the netapp cdot.

But still cannot get the vmdk files in snapdrive.

Only thing is in VSC, when i add the storage system its says it succesfully added but i dont see in on the list of the storage systems in vsc.


Is there anything i am missing or can be checked.





VMDK disks do not support RPC. Try changing transport protocol setting from RPC to HTTP. Refer page 67 Troubleshooting VMDKs

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I have identical situation and have connectivity configured as HTTPS.

Still no vmdks .


VSC 6.2 requires at least snapdrive 7.1.1


please check it and let us know