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SnapCenter 3.0 unable to provide plugin


I've just started walking at SnapCenter and obviously  have a problem of misunderstanding how SnapCenter works.

Compare to what I've learned at snapCREATOR, there is no local agent installation done at the "Host" side.

The plugin's would be pushed from SnapCenter Server via port 22 and port 8145 towards the Host, only  sodo-allowed
User credentials on Host side are required.

If so, and if all firewalls are prepared fine, how should/could  the Host side be aware of incomming connection requests

at pot 8145, as there is no application listening on Host side?

Compare to port 22 where ssh is listening, port 8145 has nothing at Host side. This is actual my problem why I could not

succeed to rollout my plugins from Server to Host.

Did I really miunderstod this part of concept?