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DFM 4.0D24 services issues

Hey Guys,

Just jumped to DFM40.D24 on Monday night....  didn't notice any issues in the first few hours but I’ve been seeing an awful lot of Server service stops and NMC timeouts.  Wondering if anyone else has moved to D24 and if they've felt the same pain.




Re: DFM 4.0D24 services issues

You probably did, but checking to see if you are running the D2 version of NMC..I'm not sure when it was updated, but I noticed d2 after upgrading my sim to d24.

Re: DFM 4.0D24 services issues

I downloaded and installed the new NMC right after the upgrade.

Re: DFM 4.0D24 services issues


FYI: If the DFM Server service stops, then NMC will not be able to connect to server,

the DFMServer service is restarted.

Are you seeing any errors in DFMServer.log ?

Are there are any core/dump files generated in the log directory?


Re: DFM 4.0D24 services issues

I wasn't able to locate anything in the logs that would indicate there is an issue... Funny enough the issues I was seeing have since gone away.