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Finding list of (mis) aligned LUNS

Hello Everyone,

Can someone help me with command or Operation Manager GUI options to list all such LUNs. I was working to check out the list of LUNs which are under the status of unaligned/misaligned. Or if a similar thread is running, can be helpful as well.

Ontap version: 7.x.x

Many thanks in advance.




Re: Finding list of (mis) aligned LUNS

Hi Vaibhav,

as far as I know, the netapp has no possibilty to know if the lun are misaligned or not.

Last time as we have problems about that, I musst work on Virtual machine an use msinfo32, go to storage / Disks and look the value in the Item Partition Starting Offset. If you can share this value by 1024, it is ok.

This problem can only occur when Windows 2003 and older.



Re: Finding list of (mis) aligned LUNS

I wrote a VB script some time ago to check Windows Servers remotely by WMI. Let me know if this would help you.

Re: Finding list of (mis) aligned LUNS

Many thanks Stephan....for your time reading this thread....Yes indeed it should be helpful if you can share the script. May be if possbile, state how to execute this VB script so that it can pull all the details.

Good day...


Re: Finding list of (mis) aligned LUNS

Thanks Angelo.....for your kind information shared....and which is helpful.

Additonally, yes this issue is reported only in Windwows version 2003 and lower and also REHL lower than ver 6.

We'll see how can this be pulled. Interestingly my NetApp case engineer has given me the list of all such LUNs, I just want to revalidate it.

Good day!!!


Re: Finding list of (mis) aligned LUNS

The script is attached. To run the script you have to open a command promt with credentials that have local administration permission on the target server. Then run the script like this:

     >cscript check_partitionoffset.vbs <servername>

You can easily use this function to scan a whole Active Directory for misaligned partitions but you have to take care of all the possible server types and storage configurations. Netapp Luns on a W2k3 server of type "Windows" are aligned even if the numbers state they are not for example.

Re: Finding list of (mis) aligned LUNS

Thanks Stephan.....