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NDMP Preferred Interface with Protection Manager

Hi All,

I have a question regarding the ndmp preferred interface setting in conjuction with Protection Manager.

I have set the preferred interface on both the source and destination filers but for the backups/mirroring with Protection Manager, neither filer is using this interface (and this interface is a brand new working dedicated backup network).

Can someone please tell me what else I need to do?




Re: NDMP Preferred Interface with Protection Manager

Hi Jeff,

     For Protection Manager to use the ndmp preferred interface.Following things need to be done.

For Mirror Relationship the preferred address needs to be set for the host, using the dfm cli.

dfm host set <hostname/id> hostPreferredAddr1=<preferred ip>

Once this is set you will see in the job message, a line like this

Using connection filer1_flier2_1253036407 (X.X.X.X<IPaddrset in the cli for filer1> -> X.X.X.X<IPaddrset in the cli for filer2>), id = 18

For Backup Relationship,(Snapvault) the filer options

ndmpd.preferred_interface needs to be set.

Once this is set you will see in the backup jobs message like

Retrieved preferred interfaces (X.X.X.X) wheree X.X.X.X is the IP of interface set in the filer, for the ndmpd options.



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