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NetApp DSM and EMC Powerpath

Hi all,

Recently we bought a new NetApp FAS2020 with ISCI & FCP. Would like to present the FCP LUN to 1 of the server which is currently connected to EMC CX300. This server has 2 HBA ports and powerpath software installed to support multipath. My question is

1) To enable multipath for NetApp FCP LUN, do I need to install NetApp DSM?

2) Need additional license for NetApp DSM?

3) To install NetApp DSM, server reboot is required?

4) Can both powerpath & NetApp DSM run together in a same server? Any issue?



Re: NetApp DSM and EMC Powerpath

Hi !

How are you?

Is your server a Windows 2003 box? if yes:

1) Yes, you need to install ONTAP DSM;

2) Yes, you need to buy a ONTAP DSM license;

3) Yes, you need to reboot the server after the ONTAP DSM installation;

4) Yes, since ONTAP DSM 3.3.1 its possible to run the powerpath and ONTAP DSM togheter, see the ONTAP DSM 3.3.1 release notes.

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Re: NetApp DSM and EMC Powerpath


We have a similar setup for a client. Is there any difference for windows 2008?

Re: NetApp DSM and EMC Powerpath

Hi all,

Thanks for your reply.

The server is windows 2003 and maybe LUN will be presented to windows 2008 soon.

1) After purchased the ONTAP DSM license, where to get the ONTAP DSM 3.3.1 installation file? Is it bundled when purchased the license?

2) Any installation guide to install ONTAP DSM on server?

3) Can I have ONTAP DSM 3.3.1 release notes link?


Re: NetApp DSM and EMC Powerpath

Here are the documentation links you requested.