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New workflow created are grayed out in WFA



Data Ontap version - 8.2.2 7 Mode
OCUM version - ( 7 mode )
WFA version - 5.0 (on Windows).

The workflow created for creation and exporting of NFS file system greyed out for execution. Out-of-the-box NetApp certified workflows are not grayed out (speciall the one that are not marked with 'cm').


I am somewhat new to WFA so help will be appreciated.




Re: New workflow created are grayed out in WFA

@ntalreja Let me know if you are still looking for the solution, i will help you find an expert who can answer to your query.


Re: New workflow created are grayed out in WFA

Yes, we are looking for a solution.If you can assign somebody with experienced particulary with different version of 7 mode that would help.


It appears WFA does not have much for 7-mode (most of the out-of-the-box certified workflows are for clustered version) even though the version of WFA we are using is shows interoperability with 8.2.2. 8.2.2 7-mode is the minimum version that is supported so it has a created some additional confusion what functions in a new workflow can or cannot work with 7 mode 8.2.2.


Re: New workflow created are grayed out in WFA



Are the 7-mode workflows enabled for displayed in the WFA portal? EG


  • In the top left navigation menu click Administration
  • Select WFA Configuration
  • Click the "Other" tab
  • View the section "Show content for schemes"
  • Ensure the "7-mode" checkbox is selected (it should be by default)

Are you using the Flash or HTML5 interface in WFA to view the workflows? If it's greyed out in the HTML5 interface have you tried viewing the workflow in flash interface? What WFA user role are you using to try and view the workflow? admin or operator? Is the workflow marked as production? To check that open the workflow from the "designer" tab, click on the "details" tab on the workflow and check if the "Ready for production" checkbox is selected. If it isn't operators won't be able to view it in the portal




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