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OC5: vFiler configuration management question



I've configured "configuration management" for vFilers in OC5 so customer can push a standard set of options to vFilers based on their group membership.

For some vFilers that are managing volumes hosting SnapVault target qtrees, I would like to turn off Snapvault. I've set the following config file:

Configuration Name: vf_itic_sv

Configuration Version: 8.0.2

Configuration Type: vFiler

Configuration Settings: #!Config V1.0.0





When applying the config to a vFiler, I notice the following error message in OC:

The following options could not be set on the vFiler:


The failure may be because a required license is not installed on the hosting storage system <filername obfuscated> of vFiler <vfilername obfuscated> or

specific setup steps need to be performed before modifying the option.

An event has been generated with the list of options.

You may choose 'Exclude Options' on the event details page to exclude these options from subsequent push operations to the vFiler.

I've double-checked and could not find any reason for this message. Typing the same command on the CLI does not show any error.

Any clue please?

Thanking you in advance,

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Re: OC5: vFiler configuration management question

sounds like a bug...although there is no support in 7.3 and 8.0 for SnapVault targets direct to the vFiler.  It can be a qtree target in a vFiler, but is supported using vFiler0 as the target which has administrative rights to mirror/vault to a vFiler volume/qtree.  For a source vault it can be in the vfiler or vfiler0.  I saw in 8.1 that a vFiler can be the target again, so that might be the reason for the error...although the error doesn't say it.  SnapVault options are in the vFiler for use as a source.

The confusing part sometimes when I troubleshoot is figuring out if the vault or mirror is coming from/to the vFiler or physical controller vfiler0.

Re: OC5: vFiler configuration management question

Hi Michael,

     I smell a bug here. Will confirm and get back to you. Mean time can you open a case with NetApp  global support ?



Re: OC5: vFiler configuration management question


Hello Adai and Scott,

Thanks for your answers.

@Scott: indeed, the relationship on a SV target managed by a vFiler is not supported, but as you mentioned, the destination volume can be attached to a vFiler as long as the SV relationship itself stays under control of vFiler0 (not so easy to explain ). In my customer's setup, the setup above is in place (relationship at vFiler0 level, volume attached to a vFiler).

The reason I want to set "snapvault.enable" to "off" is indeed to make sure no snapvault relationship will be created in non-default vFiler context.

@Adai: I'll be onsite tomorrow, I'll see how I can open a case to GCS. Should I send you the case#?

kind regards,


Re: OC5: vFiler configuration management question

Hi Michel,

     Bug 592938 if filed for the same. Pls add your case to this bug.



Re: OC5: vFiler configuration management question


Thanks Adai, I'm adding some info into the bug you opened, in parallel I need to see how I can submit a case as there's an ASP involved.