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OSSV Backups


We have felt for a while now that there is a severe lack of utils which can give easy access to OSSV backups, either on the host level or on the dataset level, including drill down. Someone mentioned to us that possibly OnCommand Report could answer this desire, but before we go and trouble ourselves to install the product, we wanted to know if someone who has it installed already and/or knows about the product in depth could tell us if that is true.




Re: OSSV Backups

OnCommand Report does not report on OSSV backups . OnCommand Report provides consolidated reporting on inventory, storage capacity and efficiency in the 1.x version. It does not acquire data protection related information in the current release.

Re: OSSV Backups

If by "get easy access to OSSV backups" you refer to easily browsing and finding files to restore, the following NMC plug-in may be of help to you:

It enables the NMC to search for specific backups that contain the required file(s).

regards, Niels

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