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OnCommand Database Type

Does anyone know if it is possible now, or in the future, to use an existing SQL instance to host the DFM database (and even the Performance Advisor data) in OnCommand 5.0 or whether we still need to use the built-in Sybase database?


OnCommand Database Type

Currently Performance Advisor stores data in the flat file. Volume of performance Advisor data depends on the sampling interval and retention period. We prefer flat file because of some architectural advantages(store & retrieve) of such huge data which is continuously increasing. As per my knowledge currently it is not possible to store PA data on SQL instance.

Maybe you can use some script which will fetch the performance Advisor data from the flat file and insert it into the SQL database on regular interval basis.


OnCommand Database Type

There is no way to make OnCommand 5 use anything but its embedded database. We have heard the request before and are considering it for future releases but there are no comitted plans. The structure of the OC5 code makes this very difficult.

OnCommand 6 is being reworked to include a database abstraction layer which makes this much more technically feasible. Once that releases it becomes a priority call: do you benefit more if we spend our time testing and documenting a process for you to supply your own database or adding features/fixing bugs/improving performance. I can't tell you where that will land.

OnCommand Database Type

Thanks both - pretty much answers both questions!

Smoot - with regards your (hypothetical?) question about what we'd rather you spent time on, I agree with what I suspect the sentiment is - bug fixes and performance enhancements are definately the priority.



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