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Protection Manager hangs during relationship creation


During the creation of a relationship, job is hanging with one step every minutes called "Relationship Create Progress" with the following EVent Description:  Source nacl2:/Ora11gNfsDatas/q1

Destination nacl4:/smo_sles10_oranfs11_backup_4/q1

Bytes Transferred: Approximately 0 KB

Type: backup

Error Message: Allocating memory

At the beginning of the job, i have the following Event:

Event Description: Too many active transfers. Retrying transfer for nacl2:/Ora11gNfsDatas/q1 every 60 seconds.

The problem is that there is NO SV or SM transfers in the same time and there is no error message on nacl2 console or nacl4 console.




Re: Protection Manager hangs during relationship creation

Hi Bruno,

     Looks like your filer is bombarded.Because of which it doesn't have sufficient memory to start a relationships.

I would suggest you not to start all the relationships at the same time, rather control the number of active streams that

can come-in or go out of the filer by the options

lnx186-149:~ # dfm host set | grep -i max
  maxActiveDataTransfers    Maximum Active Data Transfers
lnx186-149:~ #

Let me know once you try this.

this will only start the specified number of relationship instead of all at one time.
By that way we are not bombarding the filer becasue of relationships.



Re: Protection Manager hangs during relationship creation


Best Regards,


Re: Protection Manager hangs during relationship creation

See if you are maxed on ndmp sessions at 140 on dest filer, known bug.

From Unix rsh enabled host

rsh destfiler "priv set -q diag;ps" | grep ndmp_session | wc -l

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