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Question re: Operations Manager Reporting Groups and Roles

In terms of Roles assigned to certain users. When a role is created and access is granted to resources in a reporting group. Is it possible to have it that when a user logs into Operations Manager he will only see the associated reporting group(s) on the left hand side? We want a specific user to only see what the role has been assigned and not to be able to view any other storage associated with other reporting groups. The end result will be a login we can provide to different customer units to that they can see the amount of storage associated with them.

OCUM version 5.2P1 


Re: Question re: Operations Manager Reporting Groups and Roles

Some additional information provided by the customer:

Some subsequent testing has shown that if you are NOT a Domain Admin, you cannot see anything you don’t have access to. If you ARE a Domain Admin, then while we can restrict the functionality of what you do, you can still see everything.

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