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Questions about volume growth report

Hello everyone

I am researching a couple of questions for a customer on OM reports and I will break them out as separate posts.

On the Volume Growth ( ) I am being asked what is the calculation used to predict volume growth.

For example, if I have a 100 GB volume and the volume growth predicts that this volume will be full in 10 days and then I grow the volume to 200 GB, how will the calculation change?

Is there a moving average that is calculated?  If the volume size changes, is the whole capacity growth changed?

Thanks, Emanuel


Re: Questions about volume growth report


"Days to full" calculation uses the trend line that is shown in Ops

Manager capacity graphs. The trend line is calculated by performing a

linear regression of upto 90 days data.

Daily growth rate of the volume is the based on slope of trend line,

days to full is (total space - used space)/(daily growth rate).

If the volume size changes, the days to full will be adjusted accordingly.



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