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SME 5.0 Archiving

My environment consist of Exchange 2003 cluster, SD win 6.0, SME5.0, DFM 3.7 with protection manager.

I am trying to use the archive option in the backup GUI , I followed the process in the SME5.0 doc. but for some reason the archive option stays greyed out.

Question, do I have to install the protection manager console on my Exchange servers?

Also I am trying to use my passive node to do verification, but it keeps failing. What SME configuration do I have to perform on my passive node for this to work?


Re: SME 5.0 Archiving

Hi Eddson...

To answer your first question, do not need to have the PM console installed on your Exchange servers. Actually, it's recommended that you have Ops Manager/Protection Manager installed on a separate server that is *not* an Exchange server.

Did you run through the SnapDrive installer to specify the server where OM/PM is running? SnapDrive alerts SME when there's a PM console available for use...but to do that, you have to run the SnapDrive installer and give the info for the server running PM. Once that's done, the archive option should be available within SME.

As for the passive node verification, the only configuration that you need to do is specify the passive server name as the verification server. Can you provide a bit more detail on the error you're getting when the verification fails?