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VMware vCenter Snapshot Management Workflow

If you have spent any time administering virtual systems such as VMware vCenter you know that snapshots are often created and then promptly forgotten. The snapshot continues to grow, causing VM performance issues that take time to troubleshoot. I prefer to communicate to the necessary stakeholders a timeframe of 3-5 days for keeping snapshots, after which they are deleted permanently.


I created this workflow to manage the process of deleting snapshots and consolidating disks (if necessary). The first time I ran this workflow I was able to reclaim 4TB of space consumed by oversized snapshots!


Import the workflow, add you vCenter(s) in a comma-delimited list, and schedule daily to ensure snapshots are deleted after the set age of 5 days. You can change the age and add other customizations such as an exclusion for snapshots with specific text in the the name or description. 



Re: VMware vCenter Snapshot Management Workflow

@LeoD - can you help here? 🙂

Re: VMware vCenter Snapshot Management Workflow

@bradfordperkins Sorry you're facing difficulties uploading the file. I will follow up with you via private message. 

Re: VMware vCenter Snapshot Management Workflow

I was finally able to upload the .dar. Thanks for your help!

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