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memory resource monitorning

Hi, all.

My management team would like me to collect Storage system resource data including CPU, memory and network latency and report them every month.

Now I'm planning what performance counters I should collect and create easy-to-understand graphs.

I'm planning to collect cpu_busy, sys_avg_latency and nfsv3_avg_op_latency. 

I have a question. Is there any formance counter or any other method to collect contoller's system memory utilization?

I got the performance counter list from DFM but couldn't find any memory related counter in it.

Thank you in advance.



Re: memory resource monitorning

Hi Mariko-San,

     Check if they are in diag mode of the counter manager. You can enable the same by turning this option in dfm

[root@lnx~]# dfm options list perfAdvisorShowDiagCounters

Option                      Value

--------------------------- ------------------------------

perfAdvisorShowDiagCounters Disabled

[root@lnx ~]#

[root@lnx ~]# dfm options set perfAdvisorShowDiagCounters=yes

Changed performance advisor show diag counters to Enabled.

Warning: You are enabling diagnostics counters; these counters are meant for use by NetApp technical support only.


You must now restart the server service:


        dfm service stop server

        dfm service start server

  [root@lnx ~]#

Hope it helps.



Re: memory resource monitorning

Thank you adai.

I've already enable perfAdvisorShowDiagCounters. But I don't see any memory related counter name. H'm..

Re: memory resource monitorning

Even I am not aware of, but let me check and get back on the same.



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