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Add Disk to OSSV Host - how create

Hi There,

I've got this machine (OSSV Host) with a C-drive, so there are 2 relationships, one for the C-drive and one for the systemstate.

I just added a new drive (yeah, it's a virtual machine, but let's pretend it's a physical machine).

How do I make the OSSV Host and DFM (aka Unified Manager / Protection Manager) recognize the change and create a new qtree and relationship?

I created a snapvault relationship manually, but then it's recognized in DFM as an External Relationship. Might the only way be to remove and re-add the OSSV host to the dataset (hope not)?.

Some pointers are highly appreciated.

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Re: Add Disk to OSSV Host - how create

Cool, yesterdaynight it created a relationship automagically, probably has to do something with this event: Secondary qtree name generated for primary member E:\ is NLTSTSRV13_2 after normalization.