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We are using ArcServe r15 with NDMP, the tape device is connected and recognises the NetApp device, but my problem is that I don't see the snapshots listed under the volume names

If I browse the network examples \\netapp01\cifs_share then I see the ~snapshot directory. But in the CA Arcserv console I only see the volume names and qtrees.

NDMP version is set to 4

NDMP to tape is working

Only problem is the listing of Snapshots.


Re: Arcserve r15, using NDMP and Snapshots

ndmp will create a snapshot then delete it when the job finishes.  You can specify a snapshot (in most software with "/vol/volname/../snapshot/snapname") syntax and if a snapshot is specified it is not deleted after backup since it already existed.  I haven't looked at the CA tool in some time...does it let you manually type in the snapshot name you want to backup if you double click the field?  It might allow you to enter it but isn't querying for it... one potential issue is that the snapshot changes or rolls during the backup if you specify an existing one instead of letting the software create and delete its own for backup.  Also, are you double clicking/opening the browse from the ndmp node or the cifs share on the network?  From the network you are doing a cifs network backup and not an ndmp backup it sounds like...

Re: Arcserve r15, using NDMP and Snapshots

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the feedback, but looks like we will be moving away from CA and possibily NMDP Backups. We are going to test another backup software solution and if that doesn't work....well let's not talk about that yet.

Re: Arcserve r15, using NDMP and Snapshots

we are using arcserve r16 and before r15 with ndmp. it works great. but you have to manually edit the nas.cfg file to see the snapshot dirs. thats the only way to see these. the file ist located in CA\ARCServe Backup\NAS Option.

Re: Arcserve r15, using NDMP and Snapshots

Hello all,

I am having this same issue. Editing the nas.cfg file is not working. From CAs documentation, when ndmp is v4, there is no need to edit nas.cfg file. But, from ArcServe's console, I cannot see the .snapshot folder.

Does anyone knows how to solve this?



Re: Arcserve r15, using NDMP and Snapshots

I had to recreate the nas.cfg from an older version of our backup installation. After editing the file and restarting the universal CA Arcserve universal agent it is working fine.

# Copyright (C) 2002 - 2006   CA


# This is a sample configuration file used by the BrightStor NAS Option


# This file contains the mappings of nodes to volumes or logical devices

# Each entry should be kept on an individual line. Starting with the

# Hostname of the NAS Server followed by the volume names on the

# successive lines. Node Configurations are separated by semi-colons.

# Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual

# lines or following any node or volume name denoted by a '#' symbol.


# For example:


#  NODENAME   # NAS server

#  /LOGICAL_DEVICE_NAME1         # the volume name of the first logical device

#  /LOGICAL_DEVICE_NAME2         # the volume name of the second logical device

#  ;    # semi-colon indicates the next node configuration


#  /vol/myvol/.snapshot/hourly.1  # the backup path you want to show in source browse tree

#  /c.chkpnt/daily

#  "/vol/vol0/I have a spaces in my path so I use quotes" # Use quotes on paths with spaces

#  /c/etc