CommVault with OSSV

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Does any of you have any experience with CommVault and OSSV ?

How is you experience with management of the OSSV locations. How good is the solution both regarding Backup and also regarding Restore. Is it possible to do a centralised GUI of the inviroment, restore of a single file at a OSSV site, done via the CommVault solution.

It it possible to use a CommVault Notes Agent, on the OSSV site, and use the OSSV snapshots, but making it consisten with a Notes Agent. And OSSV the snapshot into a SnapVault, all controled and managed from the CommVault solution.

Re: CommVault with OSSV

We use CommVault v8 to move our snapvaults and OSSV stuff to tape.  As the OSSV client license is now 'free' we have rolled out extra OSSV clients.  Manage the OSSV stuff with Operations manager, have played with protection manager but it does not work the way I would like on our versions (SME, SMSQL), so we ignore it.

Sorry have not used Notes in years but the Exchange via SME, cli snapvault scripts and then CommVault NDMP works fine.  The restore of LUNs is a problem so we are changing the design to mount flexclone's on the nearstore and then backup the data as files on a Window server with the commvault agent.

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Perfect, we are starting with ProtectionManager !

But as i know of OSSV do not support local restores, on the OSSV host. But we are trying to look into a way to do OSSV but using CommVault to make it possible to do local restores of the OSSV snapshot done on the host.

Do you know of a solution or vould you guide me to some information, that i can read up on to do local restores usin the OSSV snapshots ?

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