DFM - Deleting snapvault Jobs

We use Data Fabric Manager (DFM) to setup our snapvaulting jobs which includes storage systems like filers and servers.  We have servers which snapvault data to the filers we have.  We also have alerts setup on DFM which alerts us when a snapvault job fails or it cannot access the servers or filers.   We now have recently deleted some of the servers from our network which were setup for snapvaulting on DFM.  The problem is we cannot delete the snapvault jobs in DFM as it cannot locate the servers as they are deleted now, and we keep on getting alerts about the jobs failing and the servers not being available.   Is there a way in DFM you can delete the jobs for servers which are longer on the network and accessible

Re: DFM - Deleting snapvault Jobs


     You can try this, it will remove the job from the database from the command line:

dfbm primary dir relinquish source_filer_or_sv_primary_host:/volume/qtree

- Scott