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Exchange 2010 Upgrade/Migration - High rate of change


We're currently upgrading our Exchange 2003 server to a multi-server Exchange 2010 environment (DAG with failover etc) and to move the users mailboxes we're using the native powershell new-moverequest cmdlets.  All the databases are on iSCSI LUNs, while the servers are VMs on an NFS datastore.

Our issue is that the rate of change on the logs and databases while moving the mailboxes is through the roof, which is then retained by the snapshots for our retention period thus we're running low on free space.

Does anyone have any recommendations to work around this for the duration of the migration?  I know SME disables circular logging by default..  We have 15 minute FRP snapshots, 8 hourly Fulls and nightly Verifieds.

Any info appreciated!




Exchange 2010 Upgrade/Migration - High rate of change

Our recommendation would be to enable circular logging or grow the tlog lun size, you can attempt to take backups at an accelerated schedule as you have mentioned, but you have to factor in the backup retention and length of time of the migration.



Exchange 2010 Upgrade/Migration - High rate of change

Thanks Kumar,

I'll give this a go tonight =)