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Hardware support


For HP servers, only the DL 380 G7 is listed on the interoperability matrix.

I would like to install ONTAP Edge (evaluation) on a DL 380 G6 (same raid controller as the G7) => will it work ?


Is it planned to support other HP server in a near future?


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Re: Hardware support

We've put the Eval on a HP DL320 G5 Single CPU (dual-Core) with ESXi 5.1.  It's running a treat so far.

Re: Hardware support

I have the eval running in a old IBM x3850 M2 in my lab (Sitting on iSCSI DS)

Re: Hardware support

When you are installing Eval on any server that is not listed on IMT list, Power management settings and BIOS settings should also be taken care of along with the hardware requirement.

You can find it in Quick Start Guide between page 3 and 4 or in Installation and administration guide between page 13 and 14.

Re: Hardware support

My customer is planning to use Dell Poweredge 620 class servers.  These do not appear in the IMT.  There are only 5 entries in the IMT for the server support.

What will happen if a customer calls in for support but their VSA is running on hardware that NetApp hasn't listed in the IMT?  Thanks!

Re: Hardware support

We are in process of qualifying more servers. The list is going to increase some time soon.

Re: Hardware support

Any update for supported servers and raid controllers? Will Cisco C220 & C240 servers (with MegaRAID 9266-8i) or C22 & C24 servers (with MegaRAID 9265CV-8i) be on the list ?