Head swap 31xx to 32xx

Hello All
we are going to swap heads 3140 to 3250. Currently I am collecting all information and documents that help me smoothly go through that.

due to the rack design it is going to be disruptive upgrade. Is there documentation / procedure / etc.. i can read before plunge into it?

Any bright ideas and own experience are very welcome.


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Have you seen NetApp Hardware Upgrade Procedures pages?



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Hi Radek

Yes this is where I live now FAS3140 to 3250<>


Victor Safonov MSc, NCIE

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I would love to hear of any of your experiences in this upgrade. At our location we are in the purchase phase of doing the same exact upgrade. Like you I have only found that HA pair upgrade document. Another thing I did was in Operations Manager upgrade my original configs to 8.1 and then compare the differences and read the new documentation about those changes which were pretty few.

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Hi all

I'd be please also to have some feedback and also any link for upgrading from FAS3020 to 3250, as I didn't find on suppport site any document

only upgrading from FAS3040 and 3070

Thanks for your help


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Once I complete the transition I will share all details and documents created.


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Just realized that FAS3250 can't run 8.0.2p3, this is what we are running on all filers. Upgrade is becoming more complicated and more interesting. :-)

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Hello Victor

Have you taken the plunge?

Any feedback or advice?



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Hello Isa,

Not yet, due to very complex of production environment it will be a while. I am planning to do it at the end of the April or beginning of the May.

The 32xx can’t run 8.0.x Ontap, because of that we have to bring all our environment to the 8.1.x to meet the requirements.

As you can guess in relatively big companies it can’t be done overnight due to a lot of dependencies and customer related issues.

I will update thread as soon as I done step by step.


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Yes I understand

big compagnie= big process :-)

I'll be very please to hear from you

As I need to upgrade a FAS3050 to FAS3250 and did not find any documentation on NetApp site about this

All found documents speak about upgrade FIRST old head to 8.1 before swapping it

But FAS3050 do not support 8.1 and FAS3250 do not support 7.3

So ???????

Good luck Victor