Multiple SnapVault baseline snaps in SV destination volume

First off, pardon the noob:

We're using the SV-SMVI scripts on a weekly basis to create weekly SnapVault updates and snapshots for longer term retention of the daily smvi backups. We currently have the SV retention set to 9 on the SV destination. I noticed today that there happens to be two sv-base snapshots in the middle of the chain and I'm wondering how that happened. They also happen to be quite a bit larger than the average SV snapshot in that volume right now. Can anyone give me a basic idea of what's going on here? Thanks!

Re: Multiple SnapVault baseline snaps in SV destination volume

Hi!  Welcome to the communities.

I pretty much always see 2 base snapshots on my SV Destination volume.  The reason I'm aware of for this is after the SV transfer finishes, there is some post processing that occurs that involves the delta information gathered from the two snapshots.  My presumption is the second base snapshot is only needed for a short time, but but sticks around until the next snapshot purge operation. 

FOr the life of me, I can't find my source on this.  I thought it was in a document concerning volume deswizzling, but I can't find it now.  If anybody has it handy, feel free to post it.