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Ontap 8 fresh install

I am looking for the procedure for a fresh install of ontap 8.x-7 mode on new systems. This is so I can re position the root aggr.

Where can I find this information? Also, anything I should be aware off?

Re: Ontap 8 fresh install

What exactly would you like to do here? Just move the root volume to another another aggregate(set of disks)? Redo the root/aggr0?

It might be easier to ndmpcopy the /etc and vol options <volname> root and have the desired outcome ?

Re: Ontap 8 fresh install

Re: Ontap 8 fresh install

Yes this could be an option. On new 2240s which have SATA in the head I want to move the root vol from pre configured aggrs on the internal SATA to new aggrs on the smaller SAS drives within shelfs. I can then structure the aggrs as I see fit. Once I delete the old aggr0 can I rename the new aggr containing the moved root vol back to aggr0?

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Yes, you can.


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Re: Ontap 8 fresh install

Thanks. So re naming the arrg will have no adverse affect on the live system?

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