Problem with SnapVault Post-Script in SM Oracle/SAP v3.2

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with the new v3.2 of the mentioned product netapp finaly included the option to run pre/post scripts during backup jobs. They also have templates for SnapMirror as well as SnapVault replication. I noticed a problem with the SnapVault script:


The script will automaticaly determine the mount points as well as the snapshotnames and replicate these. It seems that it will only replicate the mount points for the databases as well as the control files, it will not replicate the archive logs. The archive logs are needed for a proper replay of the database and are snapshotted on the primary. Why are they not included in the set to replicate as well? Maybe i am doing something wrong?


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backup_log.txt - Logfile of the SM Oracle Job

datasets.txt - echo´d variables of the script

Vault_the_backup.txt - modified vault script

Re: Problem with SnapVault Post-Script in SM Oracle/SAP v3.2

  is this one that your team handles or should the question be asked in the NetApp Support Community?