Quota hard limit is not correct enforced?

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A weird thing that we just notice on a user's home directory on a flex-vol.  This user has 6.1GB in size according to Windows XP - property on the folder.  But the quota hard & soft limit is set to 4GB.  We do have ASIS turn on for this volume; wonder if ASIS plays part of this and dedupe her home dir.

is there a way to find out what is the size of her home dir , the way NetApp see it?

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Re: Quota hard limit is not correct enforced?

Dedupe will not cause this behavior with quotas.  Quotas check how much logical data is being stored, and not how much physical space the data is taking.

To see what is going on from the NetApp perspective, you can use the ‘df –s’ command.  Output will show used (the amount of physical space used to store the data in the deduped volume), and saved (the amount of space that has been freed as a results of using deduplication).  To get the total logical data that is being storage in the deduped volume, you add values of used + saved.