SME6.0 Backup time


I am testing SME6.0+Exchange2010.
Is this time appropriate though it took 22 minutes at the backup time of SME6.0+Exchange2010?

(Exchange have no data)

Is it normal operation though it takes the backup time long compared with SME5.0+Exchange2007?



Re: SME6.0 Backup time

Hi Masaru-san,

22 minutes is unusually long. Could you please attach the backup log from SME as well as give a brief description of the Exchange layout and the sizes of the mailbox databases?

Also is this the first time you've noticed this issue or has it been happening before as well?


Sourav Chakraborty

Technical Marketing Engineer

SMAI , NetApp

Re: SME6.0 Backup time

Hi Sourav-san

The log file is attached to the contribution of the previous state.

Exchange layout

C:Program on local disk

E:Priv.edb on netapp lun

F:Pub.edb on netapp lun

G:Log and snapinfo on netapp lun

Mailbox size is 32MB

Yes. I noticed this problem for the first time.



Re: SME6.0 Backup time

Hi Masaru-san,

The slowdown seems to be occurring mostly during heavy I/O phases such as backup verification, preparing the database for snapshot etc.

I am not sure if there is general I/O issue on the Exchange host or on the storage side. Are other applications responding in a timely fashion? If yes then can you run the backup job once more and let me know the outcome.