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SSL in Ontap 7.3



1. In Ontap 7.3, In given below ssl.enable on represents v1 like other two represents v2 and v3 repectively ??

        sample o/p:

                             ssl.enable on
                             ssl.v2.enable off
                             ssl.v3.enable off


can anybody pls. confirm on this  ??



-Divya Jyoti Das



Re: SSL in Ontap 7.3

Setting the ssl.enable option to "on" enables SSL usage and has nothing to do with SSL v1.


You must set ssl.enable to on in order to use the other ssl and tls options.



FYI - ONTAP 8.2.5 (7-Mode only) adds supports for TSL v1.1 and v1.2.

Re: SSL in Ontap 7.3



Just wanted to confirm, In Ontap 7.3.2 Is there any thing like ssl.v1 ?


As in ontap 8.2,  we dont have anything ssl.v1 we have ssl.v2 and ssl.v3 


Can you pls confirm wether in Ontap 7.3 there is something ssl.v1 ??


Thanks in Advance,

-Divya Jyoti Das


Re: SSL in Ontap 7.3

Version 1.0 was never publicly released because of serious security flaws in the protocol; 



As far as I am aware, no version or mode of ONTAP ever supported SSLv1 since it was never released.