Size a FlexVol 2


many thanks for their responses to rmharwood and eric.barlier in the previous discussion thread (see message

Another question popped into my mind, directly connected to the previous one.

I figure out that no extra space is needed in a FlexVol volume to store LUNs if I don't use snapshots (sum of the LUNs + 1 GB only).

Now, if I want to use deduplication on this volume, do you know a way to compute the space reserve I should keep ?



Re: Size a FlexVol 2

Hi Franck,

Allow me to ask what makes you think you need to reserve space for deduplication? Its meant to save you space, not cost you space :-)

There is a Techincal report for deduplication that you ll have to read before implementing it. I suggest you go look for it on

and make sure its the right thing for your environment.