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Snapmirror Multipath connection on the Interface Groups


I am trying to setup snapmirror multipath on interface groups with IP aliases, but can't seem to get it  working.

Data ONTAP 8.0P6 is running on both nodes.

I configured 6 network interfaces into 1 interface group on the source node and the destination node.

Loadblancing policy of each interface group is lacp,and each intreface group has two ip adresses, and one of them is the IP alias.

For example,the source node has, and alias),

and the destination node  has, and alias)

In this situation, I added the entry to snapmirror.conf as follows,

but the snapmirror traffic seems to be using only one path between source and destination.


Is there any restriction on configuring snapmirror multipath with ifgroups with aliases?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Snapmirror Multipath connection on the Interface Groups

Did you see the thread here:

specifically comments regarding: having the interfaces in different subnets, going over different links, and/or the workaround with the manual route add with metric 0.

Perhaps one of those things is your problem?

Re: Snapmirror Multipath connection on the Interface Groups

Thank you for your reply,

You are right, that was network setting problem.

We've just set each interface to have an IP addres in the differnt subnet, created VLAN for both subnet,

and the it worked properly.

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