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Specified volume credenticals


Back to 7 mode, I knew that there isn't any option to create a Read Only role, which lets you view only a specific volume's status at the volume list, and the other volumes won't appear.

By that I mean that If someone requested a volume named "vol1", there wasn't an option to create a role, which lets him loggin to System manager and view only vol1.


Is there such possibility on cDOT?



Re: Specified volume credenticals

the role management is similar in cdot


for example


::> security login role create -role test_role -cmddirname volume -access readonly -query "vol1,cifs_1028,data_svm_root"


This creates the role "test_role" for the command "volume" with "readonly" access for query on volumes "vol1,cifs_1028,data_svm_root"


All other commands will not work or return empty results.