Storage Efficiency - Job status

Hi, we have alot of performance problems with our netapp and have been told one of the problems is due to the amount of SIS jobs we have.

Now we have a better understanding on when to use SIS, we have turned most of them off, however we still have performance issues and I wondered if there was a why to display SIS jobs and their current status, whether they where still running etc

Thanks in advance

Re: Storage Efficiency - Job status

There are a few ways to do this depending on your method of obtaining data.

From the CLI, you could run sis status to pull the information

Some initial script possibilities(note these are not full scripts, just the relevant base commands)

If you have a Unix admin host a simple shell script of

to put all jobs into a single file:

sis status |grep Enabled > sis_on.txt

to separate idle and running jobs

sis status |grep Enabled |grep Idle > FILE

sis status |grep Enabled |grep Active > FILE

from the powershell toolkit on Windows

for all jobs to one file

get-naSis |select Path,Status | out-file FILE

for each status

get-naSis | where-object {$_.State -eq "Enabled"} | where-object {$_.Status -eq "Active"} | select Path,Status |out-file FILE

get-naSis | where-object {$_.State -eq "Enabled"} | where-object {$_.Status -eq "Idle"} | select Path,Status |out-file FILE

- Scott

Re: Storage Efficiency - Job status

Great very helpful thanks for that.

Got some further questions , on a volume that has storage efficiency enabled, on the tab called storage efficiency (oncommand) it mentions 'deduplication savings'

How is that worked out? Does that mean it has found other instances of the data within the volume on the netapp and that would be the savings? The reason I ask is we had dedup setup on volumes that would not have the data within them anywhere else however it said there where dedup savings listed (confused )

Many thanks

Re: Storage Efficiency - Job status

Without knowing your history I am going to make some assumptions.

Assumption 1 - you are speaking about the dashboard in OnCommand Unified Manager or a report in OnCommand Report

Assumption 2 - these volumes had dedupe on at some point and you turned it off

ASIS(deduplication) runs at the volume level and compares all the data in 4k blocks of data.  This means that we are not looking into the files for savings, but directly at the disk which allows for more deduplication than general file compression can provide in a lot of circumstances.  NetApp ASIS does not need to have the same files or even the same type of data in a volume to get deduplication savings due to this.  A database, Excel files, and an Outlook PST file can all be compared against one another and deduplicated(assuming they have any identical 4k blocks stored on disk) as long as they are in the same volume.

The report is showing the amount of space that you saved by running dedupe.  If you simple run "sis off /vol/VOLUME", any data that was deduplicated before is still deduplicated.  To re-inflated the data you would need to run "sis undo /vol/VOLNAME", but as you have used the processing power to save the space, there isn't a reason currently to undo that.

Now if they have never had any data in them or dedupe was never turned on for the particular volume, that would be very interesting as someone would have to take a much deeper look into it.

- Scott