Timestamp on snapshot folders

A client wants to restore single file from a snapshot.

He has 28 hourly snapshots and wants to restore a file from a certain point in time.

I told him he should determine  which snapshot was associated with that point in time and then go in to the corresponding snapshot folder.

This works for him but.....

He asked me why all the hourly snapshotfolders have the same timestamp.

I told him the truth. I DONT KNOW!!

I would like to be the all knowing consultant again. (only from his point of view!!!)

Can someone tell me?????

Rik LIjkendijk

Re: Timestamp on snapshot folders

Take a look at kb22656  and 3010862:

Snapshot time stamps are all the same
Snapshot directories have the wrong date

By default, every filer volume contains a directory named .snapshot,  through which users can access old versions of files in that directory.

To see the list of times at which a snapshot was created:

  • On UNIX, enter ls -lu directory

  • On Windows 2000 hosts, use Windows Explorer to navigate to a snapshot directory:

    1. Select "View" --> "Details".

    2. In  the Windows Explorer right window, where files and folders are listed,  right-click the title of any column. Select "Accessed". The "Accessed"  column displays the correct snapshot creation times.

  • On Windows NT 4.0 hosts, type dir /ta directory or view the directory properties by right-clicking the directory and selecting "Properties".

Refer to Data ONTAP Data Protection Online Backup and Recovery Guide > Accessing snapshots from clients for more information on snapshot management.