Turning off SIS for whole filer.


we are in the process of upgrading some of our filers. We have to manually turn off all sis instances before doing the upgrade. We can script this of course.

But it would be a lot more convenient if there was an option like sis.disable or something. Does anyone know of such an option?


Puk Rin

Re: Turning off SIS for whole filer.

There is no such option.

If you do not want to script a simple option is export all volume names to excel.

In another column add a concatenate formula to generate command like =CONCATENATE("sis off ", <Volume name cell>).

Drag it down to populate for all the volumes.

You can then copy paste the result into the command line which will disable it for all volumes you want.

You can do the same for on.

Re: Turning off SIS for whole filer.

Or use the Data ONTAP POSH Toolkit. Script should look like-

Connect-nacontroller NetAppHostname

Get-nasis | disable-nasis