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Join Our Broadcast Event   Artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies are transforming virtually every market, from self-driving vehi more
Hi We have NetApp FAS2220 SAN and 3xFujitsu PRIMERGY ESX host servers and we are using VMware Vcenter appliance.On the NetApp filer the current ONTAP more
Title of Vulnerability: Content Security Policy (CSP) Not Implemented - Risk Level: Moderate (CVSS=5.0) ONTAP 9.3P6 Rationale/Finding Description: Th more
Hi all, We moved a filer to another location after seeding the snapmirrors locally. The Intercluster interfaces are reachable (cluster peer ping) and more
Hi Cloud Gurus   this is probably a simple answer, but from the GUI I can't seem to chose a host for my single node Ontap Select 9.4 eval.  (see attac more
I am currently running Ontap 8.3.2 on our clusters. We have a Microsoft SQL cluster that runs off of a SAN SVM. We need to upgrade Ontap and are plann more
Hi Team, Any ideas how we could move the SQL RDMs from one CDOT Cluster to another with minimal or no down time?
I have netapp filers which has only following commands but using this will not able to find out what is the version of ONTAP version running on this. more
Greetings everyone,   I am currently evaluating ONTAP Select using ONTAP Select Deploy for ESXi. The environment detai is as below:   ONTAP Select De more
In 7-mode, you can go into priv set diag mode and configure the wafl_reclaim_threshold flag to determine when autogrow for a volume kicks in (differen more
The reason I am asking is because we are planning on a networking maintenance to customer data switches.  Therefore, all data connections will be stop more