dfm volumes-space-breakout report


When you access the DFM thru the web interface there is a nice report called volums-space-breakout that reports on space reserved data, available reserve for data writes, unused space and used snapshot space.

I would like to produce the report, but export it to EXCEL or CSV format so that I can see what those numbers are.

Note: If you use the default DFM export to EXCEL option, this bar chart won't be exported.

I have tried to produce the report from CLI with no luck.

Could someone please guide me on how to produce the dfm volumes-space-breakout report with all the numbers in it?

Siva Ramanathan


Re: dfm volumes-space-breakout report

Unfortunately that graph is not available in any format other than the HTML view that you see on the UI.

Re: dfm volumes-space-breakout report

Hi Siva,

I think if you want to gererate this kind of report the sdk is a part of the solution.

The second part is (depending your language) a xls script interfaces like Spreadsheet for perl. (this package requiers many else)

I my case I have an xls file with formula and draw and I just populate the xls cells.