secondary dumper failed - ONTAP 8.1

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I installed the simulator on Vmware esxi using vSphere. I ran the wizard to create a new volume and vfiler. I set up cifs. Everything worked fine, until I got the following error and the simulator kept rebooting:


PANIC : open_emulation_file: Unable to create /sim/,nvram_mgr (30)

version: 8.1X47: Fri Mar 23 16:56:50 PDT 2012

conf: x86_64.sim

cpuid = 1

Uptime: 3s

coredump: primary dumper unavailable.

coredump: trying secondary dumper...

no tftp server ip specified

netdump: no targets available to dump

coredump: secondary dumper failed -1.


The operating system has halted

Please press any key to reboot.


If I poweroff/on the vm the simulator will work fine for a while then the same problem (described above) will happen again.


Any idea on how to fix this problem?


Thank you.