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[snapvault.tgt.failure:error]: Could not create Snapshot target ""

In an attempt to clean up 2 datasets I had protected, I suspended the protection, cancelled any running jobs and removed the protection policy from the dataset...from there, verified the source 'snapvault destinations' and released all those listed....offlined and destroyed the volumes on my target filer. Shortly after doing this, my console started to flood with the messages:

[snapvault.tgt.failure:error]: Could not create Snapshot target "" on volume dataset_008_backup_21: volume is not online or does not exist.

I’m not really sure where I Should go to resolve these repeated messages…anyone have any thoughts?


Re: [snapvault.tgt.failure:error]: Could not create Snapshot target ""

Check snapvault snap sched

If the volume is there, remove it with snapvault snap unsched.