updating firmware on disk prior to ontap upgrade

when I try to update the firmware on 2 active /active heads

I got one one of the head

eq-ntap2> disk_fw_update

Refreshing information on all the disks.......

Downloading disk firmware can be disruptive to the system.

It involves spinning down and then spinning up all

affected disks, and suspending disk I/O to disks being

downloaded. This delay may cause clients to stop responding.

NOTE: Updating firmware on some Fibre Channel disks

may create an open loop condition which can only be cleared

by power cycling the affected shelf or shelves.

In a cluster, you should not disable the cluster or perform

any takeover/giveback actions until the firmware update

is complete. Disk firmware update should only be attempted

on one cluster partner at a time.

Downloading disk firmware can only be performed when the cluster is

enabled, and both nodes are able to communicate with each other.

Firmware download cannot be performed when in takeover mode.

Refer to the man page for disk_fw_update for complete details.

Are you sure you want to continue with firmware update? n

disk_fw_update cancelled

what should i do?

Re: updating firmware on disk prior to ontap upgrade

If you have RAID_DP and option raid.background_disk_fw_update.enable is on (default), disk firmware update starts automatically as soon as you install new firmware file and happens in background.