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Interactive Workflows for SnapCenter


At NetApp, we strive to continually provide support information and high-value content to customers in new and simple formats.


The new Interactive Workflows are designed to provide our customers with a quick access to Knowledge Base articles and Product Documentation related to one topic or a common theme.


Check out the new Interactive Workflows on SnapCenter:

This guide provides information to help you install and upgrade SnapCenter Server and SnapCenter Plug-Ins.

This guide provides information to help you:

  • Set up and administer SnapCenter
  • Add storage systems and hosts to SnapCenter
  • Create backup jobs and backup policies
  • Run backups jobs
  • Create clones
  • Restore databases and virtual machines

Also, check out the latest KB TV video on How to collect SnapCenter database dump (NSM MySQL database dump).


Let us know if  you find the Interactive Workflows and KB TV videos helpful in getting the information you are looking for.