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KB site's Journey with Interactive Workflows continues…


“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”

At NetApp, we couldn't agree more with Michael LeBoeuf's quote.


With the formation of NetApp’s Knowledge Domain Experts (KDEs) Team, the Knowledge Base Team and KDEs began brainstorming and working on how we can further improve our customers’ self-service experience in finding the Solutions and Answers they are looking for. 


Early 2021, we were excited to present the first set of Interactive Workflows in the Knowledge Base:

These interactive workflows provide customers the convenience of finding articles related to one topic within the same location.


With the feedback and learning received, we continued working on interactive workflows for many more troubleshooting and resolution guides, expert recommended topics, and top support-related content.


Here are the three Interactive Workflows recently added to the Knowledge Base:

Issues with Volume move

This Interactive Workflow helps with solving issues related to moving volumes in ONTAP 9 and covers issues that may arise in any of the three stages:

  • Before you move a volume
  • During the process of moving a volume and
  • After moving a volume

7MTT Process

The Interactive Workflow provides information on 7MTT processes:

  • ONTAP releases supported by 7MTT
  • Comparison of CFT and CBT
  • Installing 7MTT
  • Preparing for migration
  • Migrating data and configuration
  • Post-transition tasks

How to collect data from an ATTO FibreBridge

This applies to the following and describes how to view, collect and send the Event Log, Core File or FC Core of an ATTO FibreBridge:

  • ATTO 6500N FibreBridge
  • ATTO 7500N FibreBridge
  • ATTO 7600N FibreBridge

Do check out the Interactive Workflows hub page to view all the workflows added to the Knowledge Base.