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Most accessed self-serviceable KB articles


The NetApp Knowledge Base focuses on customer self-service experience by delivering content which is written, updated, and reviewed by NetApp's Technical Experts and Knowledge Domain Experts. Self-serviceable KB articles are created and published on the Knowledge Base site (KB site) to help customers find solutions for issues, through the digital support channel.


Here are the top six self-serviceable KB articles which were the most used by our customers, recently:


  • How to perform a health check in ONTAP 9 
    • This article describes the procedure to conduct a basic system health check for the following scenarios. The procedure is available in text and video formats:
      • ONTAP upgrades or Firmware upgrades
      • Hardware replacements
      • Maintenance activities
      • Power related events


The article provides solution when AFF A400/FAS8300 reports alert messages 'nvmem.battery.currentHigh:EMERGENCY' or 'nvmem.battery.noCharge:alert'


Procedure shared in this article describes how to check the results of a Post Package Repair (PPR) test and determine what actions are needed.


Solution provided in this KB article helps to resolve repeated updates of shelf firmware after an upgrade to ONTAP 9.12.1 or 9.13.1


Disk shelf fault LED is on, and EMS log shows error information about disk shelf. Resolution shared in this KB article helps to determine possible causes and resolve the issue.


Interface group (Ifgrp) member ports show degraded, while ifgrp shows reachable, after ONTAP upgrade to 9.13.1. This article provides solution to overcome this issue.


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