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NetApp Wins in the Association of Support Professionals Best Support Websites of 2023


September 13, 2023

San Jose, CA


The NetApp® Support Site won an Association of Support Professionals Best Support Website in 2023 award for the sixth year in a row.


The Association of Support Professionals (ASP) has held this competition for over 20 years. It has changed in that time to keep pace with ever-evolving technology and user expectations. Every site entered is evaluated by five independent judges. Each site receives a confidential report detailing their average scores in 22 different areas of their site versus the overall average scores for all entrants. Judges' comments and recommendations are also included. Two reports will be published regarding this year's competition in about five weeks. One covers trends noted, along with information about the sites from entrant's entries. The other covers benchmarks of performance in the 22 areas scored by judges. These reports are free to ASP members and can be purchased by non-members.


Al Hahn, Executive Director of ASP said, “NetApp continues to be among an elite group of companies that collectively move the definition of state-of-the-art for support websites with the NetApp Support Site. The six-year-in-a-row win is truly a significant achievement rarely seen in the 20 years of the ASP award competition.”


The winning nomination from the NetApp Digital Support team reflects the team’s continuing ambition to deliver a world-class user experience. The NetApp Support Site adds the award to its continual industry recognition with previous wins in the Stevie Awards® and Association of Support Professionals awards making this a six-year-in-a-row win in the ASP competition. In the history of the competition, only 3 other companies have achieved this level of recognition.


The entry focused on key features and programs including tuning search optimization, enabling a Support API program and launching a robust Discord channel. The team also continued to build on an exceptional content strategy and engine driven by Knowledge Centered Services (KCS) best practices - maintaining the Phase 4 level in the KCSv6 Adoption Guide.


The team achieved significant improvements to key metrics including customer satisfaction, customer effort, cost-per-answer and contact ratio with the various implementations. In addition, the team also implemented or enhanced a broad set of technology and tools to improve the user, customer and support experience. Results show the site is significantly easier to use with improved quality year over year and helps users better able to manage their products. 


Jyotiram Pasupalak, VP of Customer Support Delivery at NetApp said, “NetApp is honored to win this esteemed award 6 years in a row! This award underscores the exceptional strategy and execution of the digital support team as they continue to deliver an ongoing world-class digital support experience globally to our customers and partners.”


Ryan Mathews, Senior Director of Digital Support at NetApp said, “We are extremely honored and proud to be an ASP Top Support Site award recipient 6 years in a row which few companies achieve. We are delighted to see our dedication to drive a “shift-left” optimized digital support strategy and experience for our customers recognized with this award win.” 


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