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ONTAP AutoSupport Resolution Guide


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To enhance the self-service experience of the NetApp Knowledge Base, we are creating Resolution Guides for high-value content and high-impact issues based on the analysis of content usage patterns.


These Resolution Guides contain KB articles written in the customer’s context and these articles are logically grouped within the guide for a specific topic, product, or technology.

These guides help customers quickly find the solutions they are looking for in a specific topic.


Check out the ONTAP AutoSupport Resolution Guide

  • This guide provides Solutions to your questions or issues pertaining to Setup and Configuration of AutoSupport, AutoSupport OnDemand and, AutoSupport delivery failures.
  • It applies to ONTAP 9, Clustered Data ONTAP 8.x and Data ONTAP 8 7-Mode.
  • The guide also provides commands to help you gather your AutoSupport configuration for a faster experience.


As Pamela Nelson rightfully said "The customer tells us how to stay in business, best that we listen.

Let us know what you think about the Resolution and Troubleshooting Guides and how we can improve it further for our customers.