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Resolution Guide for Takeover not possible


Nothing relieves and ventilates the mind like a resolution

At NetApp, we take this quote from John Burroughs seriously!


The NetApp Knowledge Base provides customers with Resolution and Troubleshooting guides to help them quickly find the solutions they are looking for.


Resolution and Troubleshooting guides contain high-value content, created by NetApp’s Knowledge Domain Experts and Knowledge Base Team, based on analysis of content usage patterns.


These guides contain KB articles and information that are grouped to improve the Self-Service experience for a specific issue, topic, product, or technology.

The guides cover:

  • Technical topics/concepts related to a common theme
  • Solutions for generic/common issues and
  • Knowledge related to a single topic.

We have structured these guides in a logical way using different content formats to make the content easier for customers to consume.


Check out the Resolution Guide for the takeover not possible issue seen in ONTAP 9.


The Resolution Guide contains the storage failover command that helps you determine the reason takeover was disabled.

The Solution is provided in two formats:

  • Static Workflow
  • Tabular Format

In the static workflow, select the reason causing takeover to disable and you will locate the appropriate Solution KB for the issue.

Static Workflow.JPG


Similarly, within the tabular format, based on the reason causing takeover to disable, you can click on the appropriate Solution article link.


Tabular Workflow.JPG

Have a look at the Resolution and Troubleshooting Guide page to view many other Solution guides and let us know your feedback.