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We value your KB Feedback


NetApp Knowledge Base (KB) has demand-driven and value-added Support content on NetApp products and services. With the KB content – solutions, answers, and procedures – created and updated every day by NetApp's Technical Experts and Knowledge Domain Experts, we strive to provide our customers with the best self-service experience.


As Bill Gates rightly said in his TED Talk, “We all need people who will give us feedback. That's how we improve”.


At NetApp, we follow the Collective Ownership model for our Knowledge Base, and strongly believe that the best people to provide feedback to help us improve the KB site are the audience that use our content. That is why we value every KB feedback and use our customers' feedback and experience to continually improve the KB site.


The NetApp Knowledge Base Team works with the Knowledge Domain Experts to review customer feedback, address customers' concerns, and update the KB content.


Here are the feedback mechanisms to rate, comment and provide suggestions for KB content:

On the home page of the KB site, you can use the click here link for feedback. This link opens to Help and Feedback.

You can also directly click on Help & Feedback, available at the bottom-right corner of all KB pages.


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Help & Feedback


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Under Help & Feedback, we have the:

  • KB Request Form: If there is a value-added article that is important to you and it is not available in the KB site, use this form to submit a request to add the article. The NetApp Knowledge Base team will review the request, work with the Knowledge Domain Experts, and inform you if the article can be reinstated in the KB site.
  • Provide KB Site Feedback: Use this form to provide feedback on your experience with the KB site. Please let us know if you see any areas of improvement in the KB site.

Feedback for KB Articles

Use the Feedback section available at the end of an article:

  • To rate an article,
  • To comment on an article,
  • To let us know if an article needs updates/corrections, and
  • If you have any questions on the article content

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For detailed information on the Help and Feedback channels available on the KB site, see Help and Feedback.


When viewing articles on the NetApp Support Site, you can provide KB feedback by using the Submit Feedback button on the top of the article.


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