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E2800 and features



I have some questions related to E2800 array - as need to buy new storage system:


1) SSD Cache - is E2800 supports SSD cache but for _write operations_ ? (I found that's supported for read operation)

2) Whats feature 'highPerformanceTier' provides ? Is it some sort of Auto-tiering ?

3) Do I need to buy any additional licenses for eg. async-replication between two E2800 systems ?
4) I would like to have iSCSI and FC on one E2800 same time. E2800 will have 2 build-in ports which I would like to use for iSCSI (10Gbps) and 4 ports on FIC which I would like to have for FC connectivity. Is it possible ?
5) Can I convert build-in ports from iSCSI to FC ? I found that there are some licenses / feature-codes for that in E2800 documentation.

6) Can I mix SSD and SAS for one Volume/Volume Group - if yes will E2800 will first write on SSD or move data more frequent data between SAS or SSD ? 

7) Each E2800 controller have four core Intel CPU. How many cores are used for single LUN/VOL operations ? In the past I had storage systems where one LUN was only handled by one CPU core and we need 4-6 LUNs to archive maximum performance.








Re: E2800 and features


1) E2800 does support an SSD read cache - it is only for read operations.

2) I'm not sure what is meant by high performance tier - E-Series does not do auto-tiering.

3) You do not need to buy any additional licenses for E-Series - all feaures are included.

4) Yes it is absolutely possible. You will need to be sure to purchase the controllers with iSCSI "optical" base ports. You cannot use an FC HIC with controllers using RJ45 iSCSI base ports.

5) Yes you can convert the optical iSCSI to FC and vice versa. You will need a feature code. Note, this is not a license, and there is not additional cost involved.

6) You cannot mix SAS and SSD drives in the same Volume Group or Dynamic Disk Pool. You can have multiple volume groups on the same array with the same type of drive.

7) The CPU cores are not assigned to a specific LUN.

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